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For Hail Dents, Door Dings and Similar Car Damage Repair with Paintless Dent Removal
In the past, a door ding, hail damage, or dent meant a trip to the body shop, lengthy repair work,  and a rather large repair bill. Then Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) came along and changed everything! PDR utilizes specialized tools to massage the damaged areas from the opposite side to work the area smooth without damaging the outer paint coat. As long as your vehicle does not have cracked or chip paint, we can successfully use the paintless dent removal technique on any vehicle.

Paintless Dent Repair Advantages

  • No painting means no problems with color matching
  • Your vehicle retains its original factory finish
  • PDR is less expensive than traditional body repair work
  • All work is covered by our Lifetime Warranty and 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

Paintless Dent Removal FAQs

Most dents caused from hail, door dings, and other non-collision incidents can be successfully repaired with paintless dent removal, restoring your vehicle to its original condition with no signs of that it has been repaired. PDR can also be used to fix larger dents. These repairs are only visible to the trained eye.

Today’s automotive paints are designed to stand up to the elements and provide the highest levels of durability. As such, they are very flexible. In addition, our trained technicians are experts in the art of auto dent repair, and they have the tools and experience to manipulate the dented area back into its original smooth surface.

It is very difficult to assess the work required simply by looking at a photo. If you’d like to send us an image, we can make a fairly accurate evaluation of whether your vehicle is a candidate for PDR, but we cannot provide you with an accurate estimate of the scope of work without seeing the vehicle in person.

In most cases, we can have your car back to you in 1-2 days! Because we don’t have to replace parts of your vehicle, paint/blend those parts, we have an incredibly quick turnover so our customers aren’t without their vehicle for longer than a few days. Getting your vehicle 100% repaired and back to you in a timely manner is our #1 goal.

YES! If you have experienced the misfortune of getting caught in a hail storm, insurance companies do not punish you for filing your claim. You can repair your vehicle knowing that your insurance rates will not be affected. With auto hail damage claims, insurance rates are determined by your geographical region and the total number of claims filed within that region, not an individual claim. This is commonly misunderstood since most people are more familiar with collision claims, which do raise your insurance rates as your claim numbers increase.

PDR is typically performed on passenger vehicles. However, dents can also be removed from motorcycle tanks, tractors, commercial vehicles, airplanes, etc. As a general rule of thumb, if the paint is not damaged there is a good chance the dent can be removed.

Do I have to go where my insurance company tells me to go?

No. As the policy holder, the choice is yours. If you go to a shop recommended by your insurance company, they are under contract with the insurance company and are required to charge you a deductible. That’s why it’s important to note, hailfreecar works on your behalf with a licensed independent adjustor to get your repair approved at the proper level, which means you are assured of the highest quality service. Plus, we can still offer you our Lifetime Warranty.

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