Hail Damage Repair, Paintless Dent Repair, Body Shop, Auto Painting, and Hail Repair in Frisco, Texas

Body shop in Frisco, TX for auto dent repair after fender benders or more major accidentsFrisco is known for its various museums with rich culture and enticing exhibits. But nothing beats the vintage car displays in the Frisco Heritage Museum downtown. While transportation has changed dramatically in the past century, one thing remains the same; people want their cars to look good.  

Minor and major fender benders happen daily across Frisco and can cause serious damage to your vehicle, not to mention, they leave your vehicle looking unattractive. Even the Denton County weather conditions can decrease the value of your car and leave it in need of mechanical and cosmetic repairs.

Our Metro Dent body shop has over 25 years of serving Frisco residents with full auto body shop services and repairs. From minuscule jobs such as detailing and hail damage repair to larger-scale projects like auto dent repairs and auto painting, Metro Dent guarantees satisfaction and makes jobs both big and small as convenient and cost-efficient as possible.

Hail Repair in Frisco

Hail repair in Frisco, TXLiving in Frisco, your vehicle faces a variety of threats that are beyond your control. Hail can cause serious damage to your vehicle and can leave you with burdensome and costly hail damage repairs. From small dings to large dents, the damage that hail can cause is no joke!

With Metro Dent, hail damage repair doesn’t need to be complicated. Skilled technicians work with you and your insurance company to offer you the best possible hail repair service at the most affordable rate. If however, your insurance suggests another repair shop, Metro Dent can work on your behalf with a licensed independent adjuster to get your hail repairs, auto dent repairs, and paintless dent removals approved at fair rates. 

Auto Painting

Having a fresh paint job can leave your car looking and feeling brand new all over again. Whether changing the color completely or using precision color matching to fix discolored or chipped areas, a fresh auto painting can make your car look polished and attractive. Also, auto painting can increase the overall value of your vehicle if you’re looking to sell.

While a new paint job stays fresh for a while, there are aesthetic film products you can apply to your freshly made auto painting to preserve your newly colored automobile’s luster.

  • Glossy- this nearly invisible film protects your auto painting while adding an extra glow for optimal clarity.
  • Matte-a matte finish gives your paint job a mature and mysterious look while offering the highest level of film protection.
  • Armor- for offroaders or vehicles that are accustomed to adventure, this textured shield can take a beating and still keep your paint job looking fresh.

Paintless Dent Repairs in Frisco, TX

Paintless dent removal has become an increasingly popular alternative to traditional auto dent repairs for a variety of reasons. With paintless dent repairs, your paint job is still intact while dings and dents are massaged out of your car’s body. The process is not only cost-efficient but only takes a fraction of time that a traditional auto dent repairs take.

Metro Dent specializes in paintless dent removal aside from other body shop services, so you know that you’re getting the best possible service available. If that doesn’t convince you, Metro Dent has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, ensuring quality workmanship.